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Sharon Sheridan


The meaning behind the butterflies

Dear readers,

Thank you so much for reading my novel. I truly hope you love the world beyond the mirror as much as I do. Having read book one, you will have discovered the importance of butterflies and moths in Lycaen. The images my characters bear on their faces display their power. The larger the living image, the greater amount of essence they have. As you continue on to read the next books in the series you will discover so much more about the role of Lepidoptera in Lycaen. In fact, all the names of characters and places are based on some form of butterfly or moth. With this in mind I felt a little glossary might be helpful.



Lysandra Bellargus – commonly known as Adonis Blue, is the butterfly animation on Callophrys’ face.


Colias Croceus – is the yellow butterfly on the face of Brimstone of the Coven


Lycaena Copper – is the orange butterfly on the face of Brimstone of the Coven (she is powerful indeed)


Lymantria Dispar – a type of moth that will feed on a destroy a whole tree before moving onto another. A true pest in nature.


Lepidoptera – is the term used for classification of all butterflies and moths

Lycaenidae – is the classification of all butterflies.



Taxonomy – is the classification of any living species

Anthropophagous – is the cannibalistic behaviour of humans eating humans, or as referred to in Mirrors humans stealing human essence.


Essence (fictitious)– in Mirrors essence is the very energy at our core, our spirit. It enables us to create anything within the four elements, move objects, control thoughts and minds and create protective barriers – depending how powerful you are. Hence the reason essence is so coveted in Lycaen


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