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A Bit About Me

All my life I have existed on the periphery, watching the world unfold around me, whilst finding true happiness immersed in nature, reading books (preferably both simultaneously) happily submerged in my own imagination. To finally pen my stories, and bring a little magic into the world, is my greatest dream come true!

Every story you read has the ability to transport you to magical worlds, where anything is possible. 

From journeys into strange lands, that exist behind our mirrors, to realms that are ravaged in one form or another, to love that will set you afire and tear you apart. 

To be able to create such things is truly a Goddess given gift, but to have wonderful people out there, who choose willingly to read and traverse these adventures, into the darkest depths or highest heights of your soul, well that is a priceless treasure indeed - beyond words.

Thank you for reading and experiencing my worlds and adventures with me. I hope you continue to enjoy every episode, chapter, page and word!

Peace & light to you my friends.

Ceci )0(

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